Weight Loss Monday (Back to Monday!), Part 6

Well, I’m getting back to a Monday schedule for this!

I rode 78.94 miles. I know! Under a hundred! But this is just Thursday to Sunday, not a full week, right? Right. Also, with the Cruzbike, I’ve decided to “ease” myself into the rides a little, let myself get more used to the bicycle, so I’m not jumping back to sixty-mile rides immediately. Anyway, that amount of riding used 7804 calories theoretically.

Because I’m not riding as much, I also lifted weights – and intend to put that back into the rotation. Apparently, right before I laid off about six months ago, I had transitioned to interval training. Yay? Welp, according to MapMyFitness, I used 935 calories during that workout – which, while I’m sure that’s a flawed number, it’s going to be the one I use. After all, part of this is to point out the lack of trustworthiness of these systems! (Short form to describe the inaccuracy, the base the intensity of your gym workout on your weight, which seems dubious.)

That means my exercise calorie burn for the week was 8739 calories.

I lost 1.7 pounds, which is one pound for every 5141 calories. By MapMyRide standards, this among the most accurate numbers, yet, a mere 32% error! Though the direction of the error is always high. I have yet to have a week where I’m, like, “I lost 1 pound for every 2000 calories.”

Further, after a month, according to MapMyRide – about which I am becoming increasingly dissatisfied, but you get what you pay for – I rode 591.98 miles which used 63,179 calories. Which might be overdoing it a bit for me, I realize. I think that deserves a pat on the back! I rode more than five hundred miles in a month!

My goal, here, is not to use that as a standard of comparison. I rode 20 of the 31 days, and probably would have ridden more if not for conventions! Which is a little nuts.

I have a rant, but it’ll actually take some WORK. So, for later in the week!

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