The wife’s new ride: Rans V-Rex!

Purdy bike!

There is an old saw in cycling circles that every cyclist wants N+1 bikes, and their wife (because old saws are always sexist) wants N-1 bikes, with N being the number of bikes you already own. But what happens when your wife is also a cyclist?!

You get bikes, apparently.

Wanna ride, sailor?

So, without further ado, here are some pictures of my wife’s new (for her) Rans V-Rex. We drove up to Columbus in some horrible weather but came away with another cherry ride!

We are developing a plan to control this. . . affliction. The plan is to set aside some money for a revolving bicycle fund. Since a person can sell a used bike for about what they bought it – all they have to do is wait until a sucker like you comes along – we can buy used bikes, test them out a bit, and then sell what we aren’t riding! It puts a limit on expenditures, structuring them, and allows us to fiddle around with bike designs and take advantage of good deals as they arise.

Wind is the enemy!


Anyway, the V-Rex is a pretty good looking bike, right? Rans isn’t making them, anymore, having replaced it with the Rocket. I suspect this is because the Rocket is a stick bent and the V-Rex has a lot of frame triangulation – which means the Rocket is cheaper to make since it takes less welding, though it would also lose some frame stiffness. And overall, people like the V-Rex. It’s a quick, agile, comfortable bike, and my wife got it so she can ride with my XStream. Which works for me because I love my XStream!

Comfy seat, there!


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