Atlas Shrugged Review, Chapter 3

atlas2Evil Commie Business Cabal Chorus: Mexico need railroads that go from nothing to nowhere! Because reasons!

Dagny Taggart: I’m so proud that my ancestor didn’t take gubmint money! He never profited through force or fraud . . . except that time he killed a congressman, and that other time he threw a dude down some stairs! He only ever earned his money, though! He didn’t force anything!

Kit Bradley: C’mon! You’re not even making sense inside the same damn paragraph, Ayn!

James Taggart: Dagny, why don’t you put any good stock on the San Sebastien line?

Dagny: Hello? Did I not tell you Mexico will nationalize the line? Though why they’d want to nationalize a line that goes nowhere and carries nothing, I dunno. But there’s nothing there, and nationalization.

James: Francisco d’Aconia has never failed!

Dagny: While once dreamy – so tall and thin! – he’s now a bum. DENIED!

James: I will slink away in failure.

Dagny: I yearn for a man who is my equal!

Kit Bradley: Some chaptersĀ are so boring that it is even hard to make fun of them.


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