Atlas Shrugged EXECUTIVE Summary, Chapter 4

altas3People’s State of Mexico: We just nationalized the railroads!

Dagny Taggert: Told you so.

Railroad Association: We’re going to create regional monopolies, but NOT to jack up our prices and gouge people, but because we are commies!

Disbelieving World: Railroad men are commies?

Ayn Rand: Yes!

Disbelieving World: I have no response to that.

Nearly Out of Business Railway Man: Oh, woe is me. I can’t run lines in Colorado where they’re profitable!

Dagny: I can! But I won’t offer to buy your lines and engines and rolling stock for some reason, even though mercantile transactions are literally the core of my philosophy.

Ellis Wyatt: I own INDUSTRY¬†in Colorado. Even though you’re the only rail line I can use, now, I will imperiously demand things of you while insulting you.

Dagny: You’re so dreamy! I’ll give into your demands, even though you have no other options, because I HEART CAPITALISM. And instead of buying the existing lines and stock, I’ll go to Hank Rearden.

Disbelieving World: I’m not sure you know how capitalism works.

Hank Rearden: Because I like profiting from disaster, I’ll gouge you for rail prices.

Dagny: You’re so tall and thin! Our ideas love each other! I won’t make a deal with the Nearly Out of Business Railway Man, even though it is to his advantage and mine, so you can gouge me! I’m great at business!

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