Atlas Shrugged EXECUTIVE Summary, Chapter 16

altas3Commie Government Officials: We will consciously restrict the economy because we’re idiots!

James Taggart: I feel guilty thinking about George Washington, because he was such a great capitalist who never owned slaves!

Commie Crook: Intellectuals suck and are the allies of tyrants, which is why every tyranny in the world has rounded up to imprison or kill intellectuals!

Commie Government Officials: Yeah! And now we’ll give a lot of speeches about why we’re the good guys!  Seriously, it’ll last about twelve pages!

Wesley Mooch: We will force businessmen to sign over the intellectual property rights of all their stuff! And by “force” we don’t mean force. Because commie tyrants would never use guns!

Dagny Taggart: No way! I quit! Hank, when they come after you, I want to share your burdens.

Hank Rearden: I’ll never sign of Rearden Metal!

Commie Dr. Ferris: We’ll reveal your affair with Dagny, which will embarrass her.

Hank: Drat! Despite Dagny having contempt for public opinion, and the reason she hasn’t revealed the affair already  is so I’m not embarrassed, and despite her just telling me that she wants to share my burdens, I’ll ignore all of that and sign over Rearden Metal!

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