Atlas Shrugged EXECUTIVE CAPITALIST Summary: Chapter 30

Dagny: Guys, we’ve got atlas4to save John Galt! I know we’re never supposed to do something for nothing, and, let’s be honest, John is there because of his own stupidity! He could have stayed in capitalist utopia. He could have left after the speech. He could have run when I arrived at his apartment. But, no! He stayed, and allowed himself to get captured, and despite this being against our CAPITALIST values (in which we never give any help to anyone without charging them) let’s ignore that and save him!

Hank Rearden: Yes!

Francisco d’Anaconia: Yes!

Ragnar Danneskjold: Argh! Yes! If I get to jump through a window!

Dagny: Sure.

Ragnar: Yes!  Argh!  I’m a pirate!

Dagny: Let’s go! I’ll kill a non-resisting guard because he’s not even human! All non-CAPITALISTS now all look the same to me, and since they want to die, I’m doing a favor by killing them!

Kit Bradley: You have to realize how bad stuff like this hurts, even when I laugh.  What’s WRONG with you, Ayn Rand?!

Ragnar: Argh!  I’ll jump through a window!

Hank: I’ll get a manly flesh wound in the shoulder!

Francisco: I’ll give a speech and everyone that Dagny didn’t kill will surrender!

John Galt: About time! I mean, it wasn’t so bad, because their machine almost instantly broke down, and they were too stupid to just, I dunno, just take a stick and start hitting me in the nuts or something. But, about time!

Dagny: We have a plane! Let’s all fly away to capitalist paradise!

Galt: The lights of New York are going out. We have plunged North America into a long night where tens of millions of people will starve to death, including many people we personally know, so let’s have a CELEBRATION!  Party at capitalist utopia!

Eddie Villers: I got the train moving! But it broke down in Arizona. I can’t fix it.

Traveling Strangers in Horse Wagon: Wanna a ride?

Eddie: Nah. I’ll just stay with the train that isn’t ever going to go anywhere in the middle of the Arizona desert, sobbing.

Traveling Strangers: We’re cool with that.

Dagny: Did I forget someone? Maybe his name started with “E”? Nah! Galt’s Gulch is great!  Capitalist utopia rocks!

John: It does! Now we can plan for the future where we emerge from hiding to a world full of violent warlords who have taken over the shattered, starving remnants of America! And for some reason, I’m absolutely sure that those violent, murderous warlords, who have seized power in the midst of the worst disaster to befall the human race since the Black Death will nevertheless completely recognize the superiority of CAPITALISTS and surrender their power to us voluntarily! Despite the fact we are the remaining cause of their immense sorrow and their incredible, overwhelming physical and emotional anguish!  It’ll be a beautiful world in the post-apocalyptic wasteland we have created!

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