Atlas Shrugged EXECUTIVE CAPITALIST Summary, Chapter 24

atlas5Jim Taggart: I hate that my wife is learning to like being rich!

Cherryl Taggart: I hate it that my husband isn’t Dagny Taggart! Maybe Eddie Willers will tell me the whole story of why Jim sucks!

Eddie Willers: Yep! There is no corporate secret or personal information that I won’t divulge to anyone, so long as they’re a CAPITALIST! Granted, I don’t know everything, like how my loose lips are helping John Galt sabotage Taggart Transcontinental, and I won’t put any blame on the current crises on Francisco d’Anaconia’s massive sabotage of the global economy, or Ragnar’s incredibly destructive piracy… so, not really the “whole story”, just the incompetent lickspittle’s story, as it were.  But spill the beans about sensitive personal and business information?  I’m your guy!

Cherryl: Jim sucks! Maybe Dagny can help!

Dagny Taggart: Sure I can! CAPITALISM IS AWESOME! You should be a CAPITALIST.

Cherryl: You’re so dreamy, no homo.

Lillian Rearden: Hey, Jim, now that your wife isn’t there, want to hate fuck me to get back to Hank Rearden?

Jim: Sure! It’ll totally be different than time when Hank hate fucked Dagny to get back at Francisco, because we’re commies, and when commies hate fuck it’s different than when CAPITALISTS hate fuck. It’s . . . dirty when we do it!

Cherryl: Oh, no, how could you hate fuck someone that wasn’t me!

Jim: Because I’m a loathesome toady of a man, and I hate that you don’t worship me the same way you worship CAPITALISTS!

Cherryl: I only loved you because I thought you were Dagny!  No homo!

Kit Bradley: Say what?

Cherryl: I will repeat, I only loved you because I thought you were Dagny!  And I said, “No homo!”

Kit: I see.

Jim: Get out, you terrible slut whore dog person slut whore!

Cherryl: I will roam the streets, feeling awful!

Social Worker: You’re a whore!  This is how social workers talk!

Cherryl: Sob! I’ll throw myself off a pier and DIE!

Kit: Get the fuck outta here, Ayn Rand!

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