Weight Loss Monday, Part 2!

Weight post! Ending May 7th, that week I rode 105.42 miles and burned (via MapMyRide) 10,450 calories. I lost 3.9 pounds, which means that I lost a pound for every 2679 calories recorded. (A pound of fat is 3500 calories, BTW.)

This is slightly weird. The week before, I rode nearly sixty more miles and lost 2.5 pounds – for one pound of weight for every 9692 calories used on my bicycle. I know that local variation can be significant, but during the past week, I ALSO went to a show – so I spent the whole weekend eating steak and lasagne without getting on my bicycle once. So I am pretty surprised I lost 40% more weight with that much less exercise.

I’ll continue to update my progress, but it seems out of whack. Though, to some extent, that is what I expected. ┬áStill, data!