The dudes making Stranger Things CLEARLY know nothing about ADVANCED Dungeons & Dragons

I very nearly stopped watching the Netflix show, Stranger Things, in the first three minutes, even though it is the kind of show I like. Government conspiracy horror? Yes, sir and/or ma’am, I’m your guy!

But it started in 1983 and some kids were playing ADVANCED D&D. So, like, the party is attacked by troglodytes and then “the” Demogorgon shows up. Demogorgon is a proper name, fools! And there’s no adventure where the party fights the very low level troglodytes AND DEMOGORGON. Trogs are, like, less than one HD, and Demogorgon is the baddest mo’ fo’ in the AD&D Monster Manual! PLUS, the mini of Demogorgon is CLEARLY a WOTC Aspect of Demogorgon mini from much later than 1983.

And then, like, they were pestering this one character to cast either “protection” or “fireball”. One is a CLERIC spell, the other is a WIZARD spell!  Do you know how weird it is to have a cleric/wizard in AD&D?  I didn’t think so.

And then when he casts fireball, he has to roll a “13 or higher”  WTF?! That’s not the way fireball works! You just do your level in d6s of damage up until 10d6! Then the monster makes a saving throw as a fighter of it’s HD type, as I’m sure everyone knows, for half damage.

Show, you humiliate yourself.  For SHAME!

Plus, as every ADVANCED D&D player would know, Demogorgon is almost completely immune to magic, with a very high spell resistance! CLEARLY that’s the wrong thing to do! The DM is clearly a sadist who was going for a total party kill.

Plus, the DM says he’s been working two weeks on the “campaign”, but it was clearly an adventure. A campaign is a series of adventures with the same characters, as every AD&D player no doubt knows.

It’s a tragedy.  For shame, Stranger Things, FOR SHAME!

Maybe you should go back to playing BASIC D&D, you little kids!

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