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Weight loss experiment on myself!

I’m gonna talk about weight! In particular, about the idea that losing weight is an indifferent physical system – that one loses weight solely by restricting calorie intake and increasing one’s level of exercise.

I’ve lost about 120 pounds over the past year or so, in part because I do a lot of bicycle riding. But I have not lost as much weight much as I “should.” On an average day, I each about 2200 calories – I eat around 2000 calories on days I don’t ride, and somewhat more on days that I do. This is nowhere near my maintenance intake, even now (which is about 2900 calories). So, even if I was just sitting at my computer every day, I should be losing weight. About a pound every five days, as a matter of fact, since a pound of fat has about 3500 calories in it.

I wish to do a little experiment on my body!

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