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Weight-Loss Monday!

It’s Weight-Loss Monday, my hopefully weekly blog post about how my weight loss is going, and the experiment to judge the whole “food in, exercise it off” thing that we’re told.

Some notes on how I’m doing this: I’ll get up, calculate the miles that were ridden and approximate calories expended using the data from as recorded from my bike computer. I will relieve myself, then weigh myself, and record the result. Then I’ll write a post about it! I will try to do this every Monday. The details are at the end if you want to skip the methodology part.

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Weight loss experiment on myself!

I’m gonna talk about weight! In particular, about the idea that losing weight is an indifferent physical system – that one loses weight solely by restricting calorie intake and increasing one’s level of exercise.

I’ve lost about 120 pounds over the past year or so, in part because I do a lot of bicycle riding. But I have not lost as much weight much as I “should.” On an average day, I each about 2200 calories – I eat around 2000 calories on days I don’t ride, and somewhat more on days that I do. This is nowhere near my maintenance intake, even now (which is about 2900 calories). So, even if I was just sitting at my computer every day, I should be losing weight. About a pound every five days, as a matter of fact, since a pound of fat has about 3500 calories in it.

I wish to do a little experiment on my body!

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