Atlas Shrugged EXECUTIVE Summary, Chapter 9

atlas4Hank Rearden: Dagny, you’re a slut. But I’ll keep on using you like a slut.

Dagny Taggart: Cool. I like it when you insult me. It turns me on.

Kit Bradley: Why do you do this to me, Ayn Rand?

James Taggart: You look like a sweet young thing.

Sweet Young Thing: You’re famous and rich! I’ll babble on about how my family is useless and espouse a primitive version of Objectivism! Let’s boink!

James: Nope. Because virtue is being miserable, I won’t boink sweet young things.

Kit: Almost no one believes anything like this.

Hank: I hate people who need me.

Dagny: I need you.

Hank: That’s different. You’re a slut.

Dagny: Let’s go on vacation!

Hank: Sure! Let’s drive to abandoned factory sites!

Dagny: Outside of cities, people are ugly and stupid!

Hank: Nature is stupid!

Dagny: With all the economic problems out there, it’s hard to find people to make engines for my railroad. If only there was some way to get engines that were cheap and ran forever with no fuel costs or anything!

Hank: Let’s stop at this old factory!

Dagny: Old factories are great! Look! I found a perpetual motion machine in an abandoned factory! It took less than ten pages for me to identify a problem and find the solution to that problem, literally by chance!

Hank: Wow! What a great deux ex machina! Good thing we believe that an abandoned machine and incomplete notes promising free power rationalize going on a fetch quest!

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