Atlas Shrugged EXECUTIVE Summary, Chapter 8

atlas5Eddie Willers: I’ll blab to some random guy at the executive lounge about the details of business! Why are you so upset when I mention John Galt Lines? It’s ALMOST like you’re John Galt!  (He’s John Galt.)

Dagny Taggert: Who is that coming around my John Galt offices at night? I’m sure that there is no such person as John Galt! (Yep, John Galt.)  I am also erotically fixated on my work! I get horny thinking about business!

Kit Bradley: Normally, I like sex in my literature, but Too Much Information, Dagny.

Commie Scientists: We continue to assert it is irresponsible to use an untested material for large engineering projects, like experimental bridges, before suitable testing.  Let us repeat: this is normal, and not strange at all.

Dagny: Screw you, science! Capitalists do what they want!  Regulations are for commie pigs!

Eddie: Hey, Hank, Taggert Transcontinental has no money. I’m not sure why I’d tell you this, because I’m absolutely sure it’s against the fiduciary interests of our stockholders and against the company’s rules, also it is stupid, but since I told this kind of stuff to some random dude in the executive lounge, why not?  I also wonder where we’ve gotten all this money to buy all these things that we’ve bought, like that time when we forced that plant open, or paid extortionate rates for for materials, and all that, but whatever. We’re broken, even though this isn’t something I should tell anyone, I’ll tell you.

Hank Rearden: It’s okay. Even though I previously said that I’d profit on Taggert Transcontinental’s pain, I’ll give you a break and won’t start collecting what you owe me for six months after the line is open. Because despite you telling me that you’re literally broke and your stock is in the toilet, I think you’re not a bad company. Of course, I also don’t think it’s important for businessmen to understand public relations or politics, either, so there’s that.

Commie Newspaper Reporters: Dagny and Hank are arrogantly risking people’s lives!

Dagny: I bribed and threatened politicians to force them to let me run my train through a bunch of towns at a hundred miles an hour! I do not see this as me arrogantly risking people’s lives! Instead, I believe newspaper reporters are stupid idiots!

Hank: I want to go on this illegal train ride where you put whole communities at risk by ignoring the speed limit!

Dagny: Great! Let’s go for a train ride.

Hank: Yep, we’re on a train ride.

Dagny: It’s SPIRITUAL. To ride a train.

Hank: It is a train. It works.

Dagny: We’re going fast!

Hank: Sure are.

Dagny: Yep.  Engines are the . . . I dunno, something about spirit made reality or something that’s supposed to sound deep.

Hank: Here’s a curve.

Dagny: A hill! We’re at a hill!

Hank: Exciting!

Dagny: There are trees!

Hank: I hear they’re made of wood.

Dagny: Look! A bridge!

Hank: Wow! It is a bridge!

Dagny: It’s finally over.

Hank: I’m also erotically fixated on business!

Dagny: Cool! The triumph is yours, and my defiance is submission! The purpose of my violent strength is only to make your victory the greater!

Kit Bradley: You’ve GOT to be kidding me?! What the FUCK. What is WRONG with you people!

Hank: Got it! Because I need from you no sign of consent or resistance!

Kit: You, too? STOP IT, guys! STOP IT!

Dagny: Great! Let’s boink, not because we’re hot, but because our ideals give sanction to your adultery!

Kit: I don’t believe this book.

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