Atlas Shrugged EXECUTIVE CAPITALIST Summary: Chapter 27

atlasDagny Taggart: Gosh, I just noticed that John Galt literally works for me! For years, people have been saying “Who is John Galt?”, even in this very building, without even noticing that John Galt literally works here! How dumb have I been?  I mean, should I feel really embarrassed that John Galt literally works in the same building as me, and I’ve been looking for him for two years?  Nah.  I’m a CAPITALIST!

Jim Taggart: You have to listen to the Evil Commie Government Officials give a speech.

Dagny: Ugh, I guess so.

Evil Commie Government Officials: I’d like to . . . hey, what’s going on?

John Galt: Hi! I’m John Galt. I’ve taken over every radio and TV, and ever channel on every radio and TV, with an kind of energy no one has ever seen before, deus-ex-machinion. I am now going to give a sixty-five page, thirty-six thousand word speech. It will include a lot of juvenile, poorly explained, and erroneous philosophy that I ripped off from Aristotle but don’t really understand. Then I will continually call everyone names, because everyone who isn’t a CAPITALIST deserves to die! Yes, I said it, and it’s true! All non-CAPITALISTS, and I will lump them all together, every last one, from pacifist Buddhists to communist tyrants to Keynesian economics to traditional Christians – you’re all the same and you all want to kill CAPITALISTS because we’re better than you, but you also all want to die. Yes! All of you!  I’m going to turn every last person who doesn’t agree with everything I say into a death-wishing evildoer without any distinctions! Aristotle would be so proud.

Kit Bradley: No, John, he wouldn’t. Aristotle actually believed that people should help each other, because he wasn’t sick and evil. I’m nearly 100% sure he would also take serious umbrage with how you uncategorically toss every last human being into one category in order to dismiss them. I mean, that’s just lazy, bro. You’d think in a speech that is literally thirty-six thousand words long, you could take the time to differentiate between your enemies to come up with a specific attack on each of them. But I guess that would be too much research or something.

John: Why bother?! They’re all the same, and they don’t deserve to live, so I’m gonna kill them! That’s why we CAPITALISTS have gone on strike! The economy is falling apart solely due to the evil commie government officials, and not because Francisco d’Anaconia has been engaging in economic sabotage, not because Wyatt Ellis set the largest oil field in America on fire, and not because Ragnar Danneskjold has been sinking all shipping to the United States, all of this on my orders!  Nope! That has nothing to do with it, it’s all the other guys! They’re all responsible, not us! Well, the upshot here is that we’re going to continue to sabotage the economy until you’re living in the stone age, while blaming it on other people, and you’re all going to die. If you’re a baby CAPITALIST, maybe you’ll live, by going out to the woods or something.  Good luck with surviving the impending apocalypse, baby CAPITALISTS! The rest of you? Dead. Dead, dead, dead. But, remember, CAPITALISTS love life, and would never hurt anyone.

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