Atlas Shrugged EXECUTIVE CAPITALIST Summary, Chapter 23

atlas4Dagny Taggart: I’m back!

Jim Taggart: Good and drat! I hate you, but I kinna need you.  Anyway, you’ve got to give an interview with this Commie Broadcaster.

Dagny: No way, Jose!

Lillian Rearden: Yes way!  If you don’t give the interview, I’ll reveal that you had an affair with Hank!

Dagny: OK, bwahahaha!

Commie Broadcaster: Tell us how awesome communism is!

Dagny: Nope.  I boinked Hank Rearden and I liked it!

Commie Broadcaster: Cut, cut!

Hank Rearden: Dagny, I love you!

Dagny: Yeah, well, about that, yeah, I knew that because I expect all CAPTIALIST men to be rapey, slut-shaming assholes. But I don’t love you, anymore. I love a superior CAPITALIST. Y’know, John Galt.

Hank: D’oh! Despite me having been consistently portrayed as a jealous, violent, and abusive man, I’m good with you loving the superior CAPITALIST John Galt. (Plus, well, let’s be honest, my main squeeze is Franscisco d’Anaconia, no homo.)

Kit Bradley: Seriously, that’s it?  This chapter is, like, fifty pages long!  Curse you, Ayn Rand!

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