Free Short Stories by Kit Bradley

Here’s my collection of free short stories.  They are published under Creative Commons licenses, meaning that you can share them freely and even use them, so long as you attribute them.


  • The Traditional Way of Payment – Introducing Laine Gussey for the Atlas Falls Cycle, who isn’t a very good fit for the Gulch.  There are gangsters!
  • Ronnie Drumpf in Galt’s Gulch – Introducing one of the main characters in the Atlas Falls Cycle!  Ronnie Drumpf!  Guess who HE’S based on?
  • Robo-burger – Since Wendy’s wants to get rid of human workers, I published here an old story of mine about the consequences of such an action!
  • Francisco d’Anaconia in Hell – An early story as research for Atlas Stumbled.  There are a lot of sharks in the water that Ayn Rand never talks about.
  • The Origin of John Galt – Let’s get Johnny the G some backstory!  No one comes from nowhere!  Not possible.